It is well known that medicine alone cannot cure the ailment of the mind of man. He needs emotional support, acceptance by the society and avenues for self-expression. Taking into consideration these factors it was Dr. Murali NIMHANS Bangalore suggested several rehabilitation programs including involving the inmates in culture Activities .Now those who are capable of doing some creative works are engaged in a number of society useful works.

Shaji wandering through the streets of palai. After coming to Mariasadanam he changed and now he is a best signer of Mariasadanam Orchestra.

Price is good singer of Mariasadanam. The police brought him here while he was obstructing the traffic. Now he has recovered from his illness and sings well.

Mrs. Revathy, she is from cherai, Kochi. She is also an inmate of Mariasadanam for past five years. Now she is very perfect in singing.

Mrs. Mini from Idukki also an inmate and singer of Mariasadanam.

Annapoorna sweets:- It was Inaugurated in march 2005 by Dr. T.Murali. Now there are eight inmates working in the unit Vattayappam and Unniappam are produces in this unit.

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