The Beginnings

It was on March 14, 1998 that Santhosh brought home Thomas Who wandered about in Pala town. No one at that time imagined that it was the beginning of a mighty work of God that came to be called Mariasadanam later, the sole basis for receiving him into his home was the faith that God is close to him who is distress and in mental agony. Within no time the number of such persons increased and it was became increasingly difficult to accommodate them in his small house. Then an abandoned cowshed was remodeled for accommodating the growing number of people from the streets. There are people who became sick by birth, those who failed to cope up with the complex and highly competitive modern society, and those who were thrown into the back yards of life by their own kith and kin. When our streets are being filled with so many of such persons, the conscientious and tenderhearted people feel the distress in their own heart. Mariasadanam gives more importance to LOVE and CARE, at present supporters and maintained by such people who are ready to take up the responsibility of these brothers and sisters.

In the case of mental illness more than medicines it is love and care and a family atmosphere which play a major role in bringing the patients back to normalcy.

Mr. Santhosh & Family

So far 1500 persons have been admitted to Mariasadanam. Most of these who have been cured of their illness have been cured of their illness have rejoined to their families. Others lead a normal life, doing some jobs on their own. At present there are 260 mentally challenged persons (150 men and 110 women) as inmates in this house.

"It is the Almighty God Who keeps watch over here
and brigns help here"

Rev Fr. Prasanth IMS leading a prayer service for the inmates.

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