Mariyasadanam is a non-profit, charitable organization promoted and managed by Mr. and Mrs. Santhosh Joseph in Palai about 30 Kms from kottayam. It houses about 250 destitute men, women and children who are mentally ill. Most residents of Mariyasadanam were left there by some family members abandoned and left to fend for themselves. That also means that the antecedents of the residents are not known and they will remain responsibility on the shoulders of this young couple who have taken up the onerous task of feeding, clothing, sheltering and caring for these destitute mentally ill people.

All donations to Mariyasadanam are exempt 80G of IT. Readers who wish to make donations in cash or kind may send them to:




Kizhathadiyoor Post, Palai

Kottayam, Kerala.


Phone: 04822-211940/3093380


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