Mariasadanam Artistes-troupe

It is well known that medicine alone cannot cure the ailment of the mind of man. Every patient needs emotional support, acceptance of the society and avenues for the self-expression. Taking into consideration of this factors I was Dr. T Murali (vice president of WAPR South East Asian Region) suggested several rehabilitation program’s including involving the inmates in culture activities Mariasadanam Kalasamathi was started with the aim of providing a venue for the artistic expression of the mentally challenged. One of the major activities of the Kalasamithi is a full-fledged professional orchestra, which has already performed in more than hundred stages through out Kerala. A professional drama troupe under the Kalasamithi performed on eighty stages at various places. And also we made two tele-films. Even though in their life they are tormented with innumerable problems, the artists-singers as well as actors perform with all perfections when they are on the stage and outdoor shooting. Even though they are tormented with innumerable problems. Perhaps this type of venture is not at all reported any where in the world. Skills and agility are best developed by innovative games and activities, which involve action to reduce the effects of inhabitations and with drawal. The therapeutic power of music is well known and it is increasingly proved here. Once in a week all the inmates are asked to participate in a music session in which well-known singers perform on the stage. It is observed that such sessions soothe the minds of mentally challenged and their recovery becomes speedier.

Ganamela Troupe

Mr. ill D Kunjumon is the director of this orchestra. Mr. Santhosh Managing trustee of Mariasadanam supports the director of this orchestra. Professional artists support the inmates of Mariasadanam.

Tabula is handled by one of the inmates of Mariasadanam Mr. Jacob from Kottayam. Mr. Jacob was also a professional artist working with the famous singer Mr. Markose and also a member of Omex studio Kottayam before coming to Mariasadanam.

Mr. Jackson was an Ex-student of Chennai music collage of Palakkad. Before coming here, Mr. Jckson was under the treatment for five years and he was chained during this period. Within six months Jackson changed progressively and returned to normal life. The musical ability of Jackson was discovered accidentally during a musical performance at Mariasadanam.

Mullu John, He is from Palai. He is a singer of hits Hindi songs. The police brought him here. Now he is an inmate of Mariasadanam and recovered from his mental problems.

Mr. Babukuttan is a son of an erstwhile musician. He was wandering the streets tapping on the belly. Now he is a singer of Mariasadanam.

Mr. Siby Kanakkary was a student of mechanical workshop at Bangalore. During this stay there he becomes a drug addict, which landed him several mental asylums. Some activities of his native place brought Siby here. Even thought he is recovered from his mental problems there is nobody looks after him at his house. Hence he continues to live here as an inmate and a good singer of Mariasadanam.

Today Mariasadanam is a living testimony of the loving care and providence of God. Anyone who visits here returns with a tangible feeling of God. Anyone who visits here returns with a tangible feeling of the presence of God. Anyone who visits here returns with a tangible feeling of the presence of God when one is ready to enkindle the dark recess of the lonely and abandoned people. Those who are relieved of their debilities continue here to serve their fellow people: a good number of them have returned to their homes to lead a normal life. The selfless services of Psychiatrists, volunteers from the student community from various schools and colleges and other running the day- to-day affairs. Dr. Roy Abrham Kallivayalil (Head and Professor in Psychiatry, Medical College Trichur) is the advisor of this institution. The humble beginning with all modern facilities for the inmates testifies to the magnanimity and large heartedness of thousands of people who support the institution.

Drama Troupe

Some of members of Mariasadanam are creative and talented. So Mariasadanam created a drama troupe based on rehabilitation. Now we created two tele films Tharattin Chirakil is an anti stigma programs and Gethsemane is biblical. Most of the actors are inmates of Mariasadanam. The song of the Tharattin chirakil was sung and acted by rosily. He tried to commit to suicide eight times. Now she is an inmate here. More than 40 patients are acting and working these types of artistic of activities.

  • Santhitheeram (Based on the rehabilitation of the mentally deranged)
  • St. Poul
  • St. George (both are biblical)

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